Bringing a story or message alive, a film shows where words come up short.

My name is Tim Arisz, I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a UX/UI Designer and filmmaker. The digital world is the future, using my passion making films, websites or apps, I will help you and your company make a difference, stand out & break through the noice.

MY YEAR 2020



Advice and help building your concept, story & campagne

From wedding videos to social campaigns and websites, not sure what you want or need? I help & advice you.


Sketches, documents, apps, website & animation design

I use programs like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects & InDesign on a daily basis. Whatever design you need, I’ll make it!


Social videos, weddings, companyfilms & animations

Art house style weddings or corporate films with strong storytelling. Also, familiar with short powerful social ads and animations!


From wireframe web design, or building complete websites

Originally studied to be a digital designer, this also includes websites. From wireframing, ux flows to complete wordpress installations.


Off time

In addition to my work, I have various activities that I am involved in and have an affinity with. Among other things, I absolutely love snowboarding, fitness, watching series & film, and traveling. Of course I often also have a camera or drone with me during those activities. I also really enjoy collecting sneakers and I won’t skip a game of FIFA.